Shuanglin Group, founded in 1987, covers automotive parts manufacturing, tourism and leisure, education and other divisions. As of December 31,2017, the total assets of Shuanglin reached RMB 10 billion, and the annual sales revenue was nearly RMB 7 billion. It has over 40 branches(subsidiaries), two provincial post-doctoral research stations ,three high-tech enterprise R&D centers of provincial level ,a talent training base and a nationally accredited laboratory. Ningbo Shuanglin Auto Parts Co., Ltd, one of Shuanglin’s subsidiary, is listed in A-share in China (stock code: 300100).


In the field of manufacturing division, Shuanglin has built production bases in Shanghai, Ningbo, Jiaxing, Suzhou, Qingdao, Wuhan, Chongqing, Tianjin, Liuzhou, Jingzhou, Xiangtan, Shenyang, etc. In the field of tourism, Shuanglin has two subsidiaries, respectively Ninghai Tianmingshan Hot Spring Grand Hotel Co., Ltd. , Ninghai Forest Hot Springs Vacational Village Co., Ltd. In the field of education, Shuanglin has built Shuanglin Vocational Education School and Shuanglin Enterprise College. Shuanglin is engaging in forging the benchmark for Chinese education and learning organization, to guarantee long-term supply of talent chain for strategic development of Shuanglin, promote staff learning and development, and undertake spreading and strategic promotion of enterprise culture. 



The holding subsidiary of Shuanglin Group - Ningbo Shuanglin Auto Parts Co., Ltd. successfully got listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010. Shuanglin is also engaged in multiple sectors in the field of automobile parts. The company has set up Automobile Accessories Division, Automobile Mechanic & Electronic Division, Powertrain Division, and New Energy Automobile Power System, and has also engaged in the field of intelligent automobile driving. Shuanglin has served many famous automobile manufacturers like Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen, Dongfeng, Chang’an, SGMW, Geely, etc. Meanwhile, the company also supplies parts for automobile parts companies like Faurecia, Brose, Autoliv, TRW, Valeo, Lear, Bosch, Magna, Borgwarner, etc.

For many years, Shuanglin Group always insists on the development concept of “collecting widely all good qualities to achieve innovative development and develop unique technology and products”, and is making efforts to meet customers’ needs and requirements , aiming to establish Shuanglin as a respected enterprise in the society.

Based on a new starting point , Shuanglin Group will continue to make progress, relying on scientific and technological innovation and modern management, and create a more competitive company under the complex modern economic situations. Shuanglin people would like to cooperate with both domestic and foreign customers to create a more brilliant tomorrow.

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